Why Choose The Bridge Network

Integrity, with a no-hassle Money Back Guarantee

Our focus is on providing long-term value based on years of quality and reliability. Our vision is one that looks towards the long-term, focusing on providing benefits to our customers now and in the future. Our vision for providing intelligent software solutions stands on integrity. While price is always a factor in any major decision, we are so confident you will enjoy dealing with us and using our programs that we offer a satisfaction guarantee with no-hassle money-back if you’re not completely satisfied.

Microsoft Gold Certified Providers

While we are proud to be the first practice management systems in Canada to be written for the Windows operating system, we also realize that you can’t ignore advances in technology. We regularly evaluate new technologies and implement only those that are truly stable and reliable. We are committed to, and excited about, developing new products and working with technologies like PDAs, Terminal Services, and voice activation software. We constantly walk the fine line between “leading edge” and “bleeding edge” to bring to market the most up-to-date but stable products possible. From the original Windows 3.1 to Windows Vista, and from Visual Basic 1.0 to the newest .NET frameworks, our commitment makes sure that you stay ahead of the curve now and into the future.

A 100% privately owned Canadian company

The Bridge Network is a 100% privately owned Canadian company, with products installed and used across the country and abroad. As the Canadian marketplace changes, with new fee guides or new taxation and privacy laws, you can rest assured that we will quickly adapt our software and make any necessary changes.

We care about your success

The Bridge Network truly cares about the success of your implementation and your ultimate satisfaction in our products. Our dental related software products are our primary focus and source of revenue. We take pride in our integrity and do whatever is reasonably possible to ensure our clients’ happiness. If you are just starting out, Tracker can grow with you and your practice: start with one or two computers, then add a computer in operatories for charting, or an intra-oral camera, then expand even more. Our “The Process”, our data conversions, and our trainers with realworld experience, all support a smooth implementation. We fully understand that the happier our clients are, the more referrals we will receive. Let’s face it, your best patients usually come from good referrals, and so do our clients. Clients are also reassured to know that if they ever wish to speak to one of the owners of the company, those owners are always easily reachable.

User documentation worth reading

Do you find yourself anywhere in our software applications with a question? Our context-sensitive help can assist you with your current task. For more help, you can refer to the Tracker Manual, which is written in a clear and concise way that helps you find information quickly. Based on client recommendations, we have also created a Frequently Asked Questions list and a comprehensive Step-by-Step Workbook that describes Tracker’s frequently used functions in a straightforward manner. We are dedicated to usable and helpful documentation and engage a professional technical writing firm to manage all our documentation.

Dental Showcase Facility

Most companies talk about clinical applications and integration, we prefer to actually show you. Therefore, The Bridge Network offers a Dental Showcase Facility in our Toronto office, complete with a 10’x10’ operatory setting with a dental chair, several intra-oral cameras, and various clinical tools and applications so that we can demonstrate how this technology really works.

The 'Other Half'

"It isn't about the software anymore, it's all about the people. It's the people that make the difference. Their [TBN] people have been just perfect!"

- Mrs. Cheryl Romeril,
Office Manager,
Post Perry Dental Centre