Tracker for Orthodontists

Word Integration for simplicity

The easier it is to create letters, the faster you get them done. Our T-Word module integrates Tracker with Microsoft Word to make letter processing quick, flexible, and efficient. Our T-Word and T-Forms Add-On programs are included with Tracker for Orthodontists, and with a few clicks of the mouse, you can create letters, envelopes and labels for one or many contacts using pre-defined templates. Once documents are created, you can print, e-mail, or edit them, or have them queued until it is convenient to print. T-Word can also automatically import images from our Imaging system into your letters and merge any information from your custom forms created with T-Forms, a Tracker add-on product that allows you to dynamically create your own custom forms and questionnaires. To save time and avoid frustration, custom templates are easily created and edited by dragging and dropping fields directly from Tracker. All correspondence produced for a patient is automatically tracked.