...for Orthodontists

A program developed in Canada for Canadian Orthodontists!

With the success of Tracker for Dentists, orthodontists asked The Bridge Network to widen Tracker's abilities so it could meet the specific needs of orthodontists. As a result, in May 2000 Tracker proudly introduced its expanded orthodontic-specific screens and features.


In addition to all standard Tracker features, Tracker for Orthodontists can:


  • Manage all financial contract information in one intuitive screen
  • Ability to assign more than 1 contract per patient for cases that require multiple phases
  • Automatically calculate and keep track of the ongoing installments paid, the outstanding balances and the amount of installments
  • Provide specific areas to enter information that print on a standard CAO insurance form
  • Process contracts either automatically at start-up, or manually and provide you with a list of contracts before processing
  • Automatically generate “monthly charges” and automatically print receipts for accounts with post-dated cheques
  • Allow “bulk-entry” of post-dated payments and automatically apply them to invoices with a warning when the last cheque was applied
  • Quickly print Receipts and Statements that include a summary of all contract information and a list of upcoming appointments
  • Provide additional Orthodontic specific information on the ‘Quick Info’ pop-up screen including contract financial details and the patient’s age in years and months
  • Provide the ability to display your Schedule using Reason Colours so that you can easily distinguish various types of appointments
  • Allow you to use “Schedule Templates” to act as a guide in order for you to book certain types of appointments when you prefer to do them
  • See referral information on the schedule
  • Automatically generate letters and emails for referring dentists and/or patients
  • Create custom Ortho specific automated forms
  • Offer many Orthodontic specific reports, along with the numerous standard Tracker Reports
  • Create case presentations to showcase your work.