...for Hygienists

A program developed in Canada for Canadian Hygienist!

With the success of Tracker, and Hygienists being able to work independently, it was only a matter of time before The Bridge Network customized Tracker’s abilities so it could meet the specific needs of Hygienists. As a result, the Hygienist version of Tracker had its first install in January 2010.


Program Features

  • Hygienist Fee Guide – Up-to-date Hygienist Fee Guides as they are released.
  • Hygienist Insurance Forms – Instantly print Hygienist Insurance forms with all codes and patient information filled in.
  • Patient Categories – Ideal for Seniors Residence Scheduling, or any other type of target marketing.
  • Automated Letter writing, Forms and Correspondence – Most notes and letters can be generated with a few simple clicks.
  • Internal and External Referral Tracking – Keep track of where your patients are coming from and where they are going.
  • Voice Activated Perio Charting – hands free measurement of 13 different perio conditions including pockets, bleeding and recession.
  • Treatment Planning Booklet - Help educate your patients with take home material.