Tracker for Denturists

Scheduling as “The Hub”

One of the most important aspects of running a successful dental practice is effective time management. That’s why your electronic schedule is the first screen Tracker displays. Scheduling has always been Tracker’s “hub,” not an afterthought. And that schedule is very flexible. You can design your own schedule and work simultaneously with multiple fully-functional schedules. You can see your appointments for a full day, a week-at-a-glance, or a month, or work with them all at once for any date. Because the schedule is the hub, almost all Tracker features are immediately available directly from the schedule. Our innovative “Intelli-Prompt” messages, colour-coded patient alerts, and Quick-Info features ensure that you always have easy access to patient information from the schedule.

Tracker’s schedules are designed so you can quickly add appointments for patients not previously entered using our unique “Quick Add” feature. These schedules allow you to manage your time by incorporating Templates that ensure you book certain appointments when you prefer to do them. As well, our fast and easy to use search function allows you to find available appointment times while you are speaking with the patient. Another very important feature is schedule synchronization across the network which ensures that whenever an appointment is added on any computer on a network, all the schedules are automatically updated and display the appointment without the need to “refresh” the schedules.