...for Denturists


Tracker for Denturists is a proven, complete practice management system that was originally designed specifically for denturists. We are proud to be the first Windows-based dental practice management system developed in Canada, and denturists from coast-to-coast have been using Tracker since 1993. Tracker is the most comprehensive and technically advanced system on the market and offers much more than a simple list of patient names and appointments. We have constantly updated the program through the years to deliver what your peers have requested.


With Tracker, you can take advantage of implementing a system that is robust enough to be used by all dental professionals. Some of Tracker’s features specific to Denturists are the ability to print DAO (or CDA) insurance forms, Graphical Dentition Screen, and new Patient Medical/Dental Assessment forms.


Tracker offers:

  • Flexible and secure billing as well as payment processing screens while incorporating multiple fee guides dating as far back as 1993
  • Accurate Insurance tracking with the ability to print DAO or CDA insurance forms
  • True Treatment Planning & Estimate Tracking
  • Our sophisticated Imaging and Charting system can be added to Tracker. Imaging will let you quickly import, view and organize all patient digital images so you can reduce your dependence on inefficient paper charts.