Reports and Graphs when you want them

The majority of Tracker’s reports are now ‘interactive.’ This means you can ‘click on’ areas of reports to get further details without having to print reports or access other screens.

Using Tracker, you can analyze the operation of your practice and discover ways to make it more profitable and efficient. The integrated Tracker Reporter includes over 75 predefined reports that can be printed (and re-printed) or viewed on-line. Reports not only cover the standard accounting necessities, but also powerful management tools such as hygiene retention rates and provider hours scheduled and booked. Summary or detailed information can easily be grouped by provider or responsible person, or shown for the entire practice, and can cover any time period you choose. No more restrictions caused by convoluted data-selection parameters or closing-off requirements such as having to run “day-end” reports.

And since a picture is worth a thousand words, Tracker lets you view statistical information in the form of graphs, giving you a visual picture of your practice’s performance.