Tracker for Dentists/Specialists

Manage Your Receivables Intelligently

With Tracker, you can easily monitor patient or insurance receivables. Receivables can be viewed by practice, allowing you to properly manage your office’s resources. Your receivables are always changing. Every transaction creates a change to your bottom line. A report with a client’s name and receivable figure does not provide enough information required to effectively follow up with receivables. So, then why do people still use paper reports to manage their receivables? The answer is because this is all they have been given, until now. Our real-time receivables manager does away with paper and allows you to access receivables information on-screen, providing all the resources you need at your fingertips. Using our powerful statement processing, you can produce statements on your own timetable, suppressing statements when necessary for patients who have given you post-dated payments or to whom you have recently sent a statement.