Sophisticated financial and insurance tracking

Tracker offers much more than simple Treatment Planning and Invoicing. Each treatment plan status is tracked from the initial diagnosis, through insurance submission to completing the treatment which automatically creates the invoice. Tracker gives you the ability to attach a scanned remittance, save estimates and Insurance Submissions and automatically maintains all EDI responses.

Tracker uses the tried and true concept of an invoice to reflect all the procedures/charges incurred during a patient visit. Offices can properly maintain assigned payments and insurance tracking, which is, as anyone accustomed to working with the nuances of various insurance plans knows, no easy task. Tracker’s design includes sophisticated and flexible insurance/plan coverage screens that allow you to track most insurance plans. You can maintain unlimited insurance plan information (including inactive plans) per patient and customize plans to track patient/family deductibles and maximums.

Payments are simple: apply bulk insurance payments in a single window and apply payments to procedure codes for accurate reporting. Use our EDI-Track CDAnet (EDI) module to submit claims electronically to insurance carriers from any computer on the network. Need more? Use our Charting system to automatically create invoices. Important privacy, security mechanisms, and audit trails are incorporated into all financial transactions.