...for Specialists

A program for all Dental specialists

With the success of Tracker for Dentists, it took almost no time before Specialists were knocking on our door. At the time, and still today, each specialty had its own software catering to it. This resulted in higher priced software that was good at the ‘specialty’ side of things, but severely lacking in the other 90% of the package. Why would you settle for anything less than a complete solution? With the exception of Orthodontics, all Specialty practices have very similar challenges. The difference is in the details. Because Tracker is highly customizable, our training and support specialists work with your office to implement the details of your office. This way, Tracker conforms to your needs as an individual. So-called ‘Specialty’ solutions force you to conform to the predefined notions of how your practice should be run based on the specialty.


Program Features

  • Referral Tracking and Reporting – Flexible Dynamic Reporting to find and analyze revenue generating referral sources.
  • Electronic Referral Submissions – Referrals can be instantly and securely transmitted via your website.
  • Clinical Forms with Integrated Letter Processing – Create and manage clinical letters and reports with images in one click.
  • Document Management – Incoming and Outgoing correspondence tracking for a truly paperless office.
  • Schedule Templating – Plan your Perfect Day.
  • Treatment Plan ‘Booklet’ and Case Presentation Library. Patient Communication Tools to save time and increase acceptance.