Letís face it, most mature dental practice management systems have the same basic features. Sure, some products may be stronger in certain areas, but most systems will check off "Yes" to all items found on a feature comparison chart. However, The Bridge Network thinks what separates the mediocrity from the exceptional is how well a program is designed and how well a company implements and supports that program. Weíre not saying product features arenít important, weíre saying there are more issues than product features to consider when purchasing a practice management system.

Program design refers to how easy the program is to use, how easy it is to navigate through ó what The Bridge Network calls "the flow" of the program ó and the vendorís approach and philosophy to using it. Itís this approach by The Bridge Network that honoured our Tracker program with the title "Best Over-All Program Design" in a North American-wide software design contest. But itís not just our programming design skills or our reputation for providing excellent service that gets The Bridge Network noticed in the dental industry.

Come see what separates Tracker and our Clinical Applications from the rest and see why we like to say, "Your best patients come from good referrals and so do our clients.Ē