Why do you Chart the way you do?

The answer usually comes down to the way you were taught in school - which is fair. However, how long ago were you in school? Did they have a computer chair - side in your operatory? Probably not. Even if a computer was in the school, it was probably used minimally and simply mimicked paper systems. Since computers and software have come a long way in the last few years and digital photography and radiography are becoming the norm in a modern healthcare office, we believe that the way you think about how you chart a patient should be revisited. Especially considering that… A picture is worth... a thousand words! So why not use images instead of words to chart your patients? Thus, we would like to introduce you to Imaging and our Digital Charts/Notes.


Our sophisticated Imaging system will et you quickly import/view all patient digital images so you can reduce your dependence on inefficient paper charts. Some of the benefits Imaging provides include:

  • Better patient education and categorized before-and-after photos.
  • Tracking visible outcomes/progression of wounds, warts and other lesions (ie. by recording the size and appearance of ulcers).
  • Recording the patient's Gait analysis with video.
  • Easily importing and storing Dicom foot x-rays.
  • Accurately performing measurements on any image.
  • Quickly e-mailing any selected images to Orthotic labs/specialists, etc.


Digital Charting with Clinical Notes

A significant enhancement to Imaging is the addition of fully customizable clinical notes. The clinical notes have been designed to effectively replace various “paper notes” found in your patient charts – and much more! Once you get familiar with how our Notes work, we are confident that you will give up any of your paper charts!

  • Clinical Notes are secure and always automatically dated. Notes can be classified as either a General Note or a Form.
  • General Notes are free form text that can be associated with a specific provider and can be formatted to highlight specific words or phrases.
  • Forms allow you to easily enter repetitive information by selecting from your pre-defined responses or by simply typing a short response.
  • Information from a completed Form can be easily merged into several Word documents. (For example, this allows you to complete a biomechanical assessment just once since this information can then be merged into a letter going to the extended health insurance, as well as a letter to the referring physician, and even into a prescription form to the fabricating orthotic lab. All by completing one very simple form!).
  • All Notes take advantage of Microsoft's proven Voice Dictation and our Auto Phrases feature. Auto Phrases allows you to “memorize” your personal, commonly used comments that can be inserted on demand using the mouse or shortcut keys.