Tracker for Chiropodists

Being pro-active with the Appointment Manager

It’s no surprise that the better your patient appointments are managed, the more effective, efficient, and profitable your office will be. And making sure that patients get booked for their recalls/re-care appointments is a big part of that effort. Tracker’s unique, proactive Appointment Manager means you no longer have to rely on inefficient recall reports, error-prone paper trails, post-it notes, or the traditional “back of the book list.” Tracker’s Appointment Manager not only tracks unscheduled recall appointments but also acts as a “holding tank” for all appointments that still need to be booked into your schedule.

The Appointment Manager automatically tracks all missed appointments and incomplete treatment plans, as well as those patients with a booked appointment who want to come in earlier. The Dormant Patient Report finds all active patients without a future booked or planned appointment, thus ensuring that your patients never “fall through the cracks.”