...for Chiropodists

The Bridge Network is proud to be the first Windows-based dental practice management system developed in Canada and now we are excited to bring our program and knowledge to Chiropodists! Tracker for Chiropodists is a proven and complete practice management system originally designed for Canadian dental offices. The Chiropody industry is very similar to that of the Canadian Denturist market and Tracker plays an important role in not just helping denturists be more efficient with accurate record keeping, but helping them to be more profitable, too! Tracker offers much more than a simple list of patient names and appointments. It’s a complete practice management solution that is continuously updated in order to bring to you what your peers have demanded. Tracker is the most comprehensive and technically advanced system available in Canada and Chiropodists can now take advantage of Tracker and all the benefits it has to offer!

Some of what Tracker offers:

Since Tracker is a true practice management system, it has many advantages. Below are just a few (for a more detailed explanation of what Tracker offers, please refer to our product brochure):

  • Multiple, fully-functional Schedulers displaying all pertinent information.
  • Online ‘Booking & Waiting’ lists to manage last minute cancellations.
  • A Pro-Active Recall (Recare) System so you never ‘lose’ a patient.
  • Ability to easily and accurately track orthotic cases — from shipping the cast to the lab to patient delivery and billing.
  • Support of both OSC and CFPM Fee Guides.
  • An online Accounts Receivable manager letting you track patient or insurance receivables or sort receivables by insurance companies for easy follow-up.
  • True Treatment Planning & Estimating Tracking.
  • More than 75 comprehensive reports, including patient demographics and detailed referral trends, as well as automatic e-mail confirmations to patients.
  • Using Tracker’s T-Word link to Microsoft Word allows you to maintain effective patient correspondence, such as Biomechanical/Gait Analysis and Prescriptions, which is automatically ‘logged’ and can easily be retrieved for review or reprint.
  • Adding our T-Forms module allows you to quickly create and complete necessary Orthotic paperwork and other forms for prescriptions and labs.

Upcoming Shows / Conferences

March 26 - April 2, 2011

  • CFPM Winter Getaway Cruise Seminar

August 4 - 6, 2011

Regina, Saskatchewan

  • CFPM Forensic Podiatry Seminar

October 21 & 22, 2011

Toronto, Ontario

  • CFPM 12th Annual Conference