Where We Started

In the ‘90s, The Bridge Network Inc. saw frustrated dental professionals trying to select computer programs for their offices. Existing products were either over-priced or lacked functionality. We wanted to develop a practice management system that was not only powerful and intuitive, but also affordable. Tracker was the first-ever Canadian dental program written exclusively for Microsoft Windows.
Now, with more than 20 years experience under our belts, and with input from more than 1100 offices, Tracker is a completely redesigned practice management system that utilizes the latest leading-edge technology. We took our experience and knowledge and our clients wish lists and developed a practice management system that is so intuitive and functional, it does the thinking for you.

Why We Have Succeeded

Tracker is a tried-and-true practice management system. When an office purchases Tracker, they aren’t just buying software, but unsurpassed service and support. When the contracts are signed, the money exchanged, you’re not left on your own. We’re there with you every step of the way through implementation, training and trouble-shooting.  Our vision for you is long-term. We want you to succeed because when you succeed we succeed. There isn’t another software company around that comes even close to the design and functionality of a product with this much longevity.

What Makes Us Different

Many things set us apart from other companies. We take the time to cultivate ongoing customer relationships. From the very beginning, we recognized the importance of strong customer support and have always kept it a top priority. We know implementing a new practice management system and clinical applications can be a stressful time, but through something we call “the Process,” we’ve eliminated the stress. Through our systematic set of documents, checklists and procedures, we promise you a stress-free and successful implementation.

Once the implementation is complete, you’re not left on your own either. We’re there for you when you need us with our unlimited toll-free support calls.  When you purchase Tracker, you are partnering with a Canadian company who prides itself on exceptional customer service, integrity and choice.

Our focus is providing the best software solutions so you can work smarter and enjoy life. We are so confident that you will enjoy dealing with our company and using our programs that we offer a no-hassle, money-back, satisfaction guarantee. With Tracker, “The Process,” and our knowledgeable, experienced and friendly staff, The Bridge Network delivers an affordable solution today, with a vision for tomorrow.

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