Education Seminars and Group Training Sessions

The Bridge Network is pleased to bring Tracker Group Training Sessions and FREE Education Seminars to the Tracker Community. These seminars and training sessions are held throughout Canada and are designed to help you take your Tracker usage to the next level, as well as get the most out of Tracker and maximize your business' potential. Please click here if you are not familiar with the differences between an Education Seminar and a Group Training Session.

Due to the outstanding success of our previous Education Seminars and Group Training Sessions, we are looking at having a weekend Tracker Retreat outside of the major Canadian city centers.

Because space is limited, you MUST Pre-Register for our Education Seminars and Group Training Sessions! The Education Seminars are FREE for one attendee per office running Tracker (if you Pre-Register). The fee for each additional staff member is $100. Individuals who are not Tracker clients can attend our Education Seminars for a cost of $179.00. Please click here for more details on our New Education Seminar Policies. There is currently a charge of $100 per person attending the GTS.

Below are the planned dates for our Upcoming "Free" Education Seminars and our new Group Training Sessions that we will be holding. Please register by e-mailing us or by calling 416-222-0123 ext. 230 or (800) 922-7434. We look forward to seeing you there!

Education Seminar Topics & Schedule: We are planning our new fall/winter Education Seminars and we would like your input on what topics you would like us to cover. Send us an e-mail or call us with your vote/ideas for what topic you would like us to cover in upcoming Education Seminars. Here are a few ideas:

  • Tracker as a Marketing tool - Understanding how to use T-Word, Custom Forms, and how to use key statistical reports.
  • Tracker and Technology - Introduction to the New Voice Activated Perio Charting Module, Imaging, Digital Radiography and other clinical Automation tools
  • What I need to know as a Business Owner - A high-level session only for Doctors who do not know Tracker/computers very well so that you can better understand what Tracker can provide you!

Come back and visit this site for updates on Topics for the sessions that are marked as To Be Announced (TBA).

Session Date/Time:

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Session Topics:



Education Seminar

The Bridge Network Main Office in Toronto

What I Need to Know as a Business Owner

Frank Dionisi


Group Training Session

Toronto, Ontario

Working Smart with Tracker

Dalida Scarpelli


Education Seminar


Clinical Application Educational Seminar

Dalida Scarpelli

John Legourdas

The Difference between Education Seminars and Group Training Sessions:

An education seminar is a high-level presentation of topics that relate to running an office. While we highlight Tracker in these seminars, the goal is NOT to be a hands-on or how-to in Tracker. These sessions are conceptual and designed to give you ideas that you may take back to your office. These ideas can range from office polices to highlighting other Tracker products and add-ons. Feedback from these types of seminars from clients wanting a more hands-on seminar led to the creation of Group Training Sessions.

Group Training Sessions generally happen in conjunction with trade shows. They are more how-to, hands-on, interactive training sessions for staff members already are familiar with Tracker. Since we encourage discussion amongst the attendees, these sessions are NOT a substitute for your regular Tracker training sessions.

Education Seminar Policies:

Due to the growing popularity of our Education Seminars and to keep them at no charge, we have had to implement some new policies. Therefore, we will be incorporating the following polices for our Educational Seminars: the first person from an office attends at no charge; each additional person from an office will be charged a nominal fee of $100 plus GST. Moreover, to prevent the unfortunate occurrence of individuals registering for a seminar and not attending, we will continue to charge the first person from an office $50 and in return, give them $50 worth of Tracker Bucks when they arrive at the seminar - thus, making the seminar still "Free." Finally, your office must be on a current Annual Maintenance contract and your account must be in good standing. We trust that you can appreciate the need for these new policies and we hope to see you at this upcoming Educational Seminar.