More of what you can expect

Take advantage of the Internet

More and more offices are getting high-speed internet connections in their office because they realize that the internet is an important tool for their business. But if you are only using your connection for email and web-surfing, you are not taking full advantage of it. The Bridge Network offers additional services to offices with a high-speed connection, such as our BackTrack service, faster fee-guide updates, program updates, online training, and even better technical support.

Free online back-ups with BackTrack

You know how important it is to have timely, reliable backups in the event that something goes wrong. That's why we provide BackTrack Online backup free (up to 1GB) to our clients. Unlike end-of-day backup procedures, BackTrack protects your files in real-time. Imagine taking a digital x-ray and having it backed up on our secure servers only moments later, without any intervention needed.

Peace of mind with data analysis

Have you ever wondered if your office is getting the most out of your software investment? Our Data Analysis service is a cost-effective means of gauging your office's Tracker usage. It will identify key areas of improvement that you can then use for targeted training to get the most for your training dollar. We even offer online training sessions which are ideal for offices in remote areas.

Tracker Enterprise Edition For Multi-Office Companies

Unlike some other systems, Tracker can be used with Microsoft Windows Terminal Services. This computing platform allows computers with little computing power (client stations) to send and receive information that is processed on the main (server) machine. Terminal Services offers a number of significant advantages and is very cost effective, since you don't need to invest in "full" computers that require upgrades every few years. It can be especially effective in larger offices. Using Terminal Services is also an excellent solution for working from remote locations, allowing you to run Tracker wherever you can get access to the internet.

Little extras to help you along the way

We strive for perfection in all the features introduced in Tracker and have invested many years in developing an intuitive, well-designed system. As a result, Tracker comes with many handy extras to help you work smarter:

  • By simply hovering over an appointment, the Patient Info Pane automatically displays all pertinent patient information.
  • "Quick Info" to show all the patient information you need, at a glance
  • Phonetic search for contact names
  • Link to automated call systems
  • Rolling memos to remind you of tasks to be completed
  • Automated call-tracking
  • Ability to drag & drop appointments to new time slots
  • Auto-capitalization of names and addresses
  • Series of Intelli-Prompt messages to guide you through common processes
  • Ability to set reminder alarms for specific appointments
  • Customizable desktop with tool tips
  • Audit trail to track sensitive data
  • Support for a label printer
  • Utility program that provides many housekeeping functions
  • Security to keep sensitive data available only to specified users
  • and much more. You will appreciate these features as you discover them!


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