Optio Dentistry Patient Education

Delivers informative material in both audio/visual and document formats. Impress patients using more effective case presentations with an Image Library and customizable image mounts, that allows you to build your library to show off your own work.

The benefits of patient education are well known by know and very obvious. The biggest question is how to deliver it as effectively as possible? While the art of Doctor to patient communications is as valuable as ever, there are technologies available to make the job easier, more efficient and effective. If the digital office computers are readily available, so why not use patient education software on those computers? The Bridge Network has established a unique partnership with Optio Publishing to supply our clients with a “Lite” version of their new Patient Education software called Optio Dentistry. This exclusive Lite version is delivered free of charge to all Tracker clients who are currently on support and includes the following selected topics:

  • Missing Tooth - Porcelain Fuse to Metal Bridge
  • Missing Tooth - Do Nothing
  • Missing Tooth - Full Denture
  • Cracked Tooth - Filling
  • Decay - Crown
  • Decay - Root Canal – Basic
  • Decay - How Teeth Decay
  • Preventative - Flossing
  • Preventative - Regular Dentist Visits
  • Cosmetic - Correct Color – Veneer

For more information on Optio Publishing and for a sneak preview of the software, please visit their web site at: www.optiopublishing.com. If you are impressed with the Optio Lite version and are interested in expanding the list of topics covered, you can contact TBN for an upgrade to the full version of Optio Dentistry.

“Work Smart” Integration

Unlike most stand-alone Patient Education, The Bridge Network and Optio are integrated for smooth, easy use. In your treatment planning session, you can load the Optio presentation that corresponds with the planned treatment with a single click! No more clumsy fumbling between different software and searching for the video you want. Furthermore, Optio doesn’t stop educating your patients in the chair. You can print off or email an entire case presentation booklet and even take advantage of the Optio website service to provide your patients with access to the information they need while considering their treatment options right on your website.

Why did we partner with Optio Publishing? They designed a Patient Education system we envisioned (based on comments from current clients). Optio Dentistry is made up of simple yet effective animated graphics, with audio that you can optionally mute if desired. The graphics are supplemented with videos as well.

We trust that the Optio Dentistry Lite system will serve as a great tool to Tracker and be very practical and beneficial to your practice.