Optio Dentistry Patient Education

Optio Dentistry Patient Education Upgrade

You’ve enjoyed Optio Dentistry as part of your Bridge Network package for a long time ... Now, we’re pleased to announce a major upgrade to Optio Dentistry, which includes new HD videos and slides that make one-to-one consultation even easier and faster.

HD Videos

In addition to the procedure videos you’ve been using already, the latest version includes new videos that highlight the benefits of each procedure to help reinforce how important it is to accept treatment. The expanded video library includes new videos about cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, restorations, wisdom teeth, and oral hygiene —all in stunning HD! See the entire library of videos.


You’re the expert and your patients trust you. The most effective dental education comes from you. The new Optio Dentistry app gives you the option to quickly use slides as a visual aid when you’re talking to your patients. The slides help your patients understand the treatment you’re talking about ... saving you time.

Email links to video

When patients leave your office, they don’t always remember all the details of the treatment you recommended. That might mean they don’t accept the treatment or delay it too far into the future. The new version of Optio Dentistry includes the option to email patients links to videos they can watch on your website.

Embed Demo Video - https://youtu.be/ZZTJhnqwXD4

Note: The email option requires an upgrade. As a Tracker user, you always have access to Optio Dentistry for your office. But if you want to add the videos to your website, you'll need to upgrade your account with Optio Publishing. Optio Dentistry costs $49 per month, but as a Tracker user, you can save $10 per month. Sign up today by emailing info@optiopublishing.com or call 1(866) 906-7846.

When you add Optio Dentistry videos to your website, you’ll help patients better understand the treatment you recommend and learn about other treatments you provide. The videos are easy to add and they play quickly on any device. You can choose to add the entire library of videos, or you can embed individual videos on your  your service pages. Go to the this dental website to see the videos in action: http://www.drgajjar.com/dental-videos or http://www.drgajjar.com/mississauga-dental-restoration

Optio Dentistry Lite

The Bridge Network has a unique partnership with Optio Publishing to supply our clients with a “Lite” version of Optio Dentistry. This exclusive Lite version is delivered free of charge to all Tracker clients who are currently on support and includes the following topics:

  • Missing Tooth — Porcelain Fuse to Metal Bridge
  • Missing Tooth — Do Nothing
  • Missing Tooth — Full Denture
  • Cracked Tooth — Filling
  • Decay — Crown
  • Decay — Root Canal – Basic
  • Decay — How Teeth Decay
  • Preventative — Flossing
  • Preventative — Regular Dentist Visits
  • Cosmetic — Correct Color – Veneer

For more information on Optio Publishing, visit: www.optiopublishing.com. If you are impressed with the Optio Lite version and would like to expand the list of topics covered, you can contact TBN for an upgrade to the full version of Optio Dentistry.

“Work Smart” Integration

Unlike most stand-alone patient education, The Bridge Network and Optio are integrated for smooth, easy use. In your treatment planning session, you can load the Optio presentation that corresponds with the planned treatment with a single click! No more clumsy fumbling between different software and searching for the video you want. Furthermore, Optio doesn’t stop educating your patients in the chair. You can print off or email an entire case presentation booklet. You can also take advantage of the Optio Dentistry website service to provide your patients with access to the information they need while considering their treatment options right on your website.

Why did we partner with Optio Publishing?

We’ve worked with Optio Publishing for over 15 years, providing feedback for their high-quality patient education products. Their dental videos are simple — yet effective — with animation and live video to explain treatment options and oral hygiene. Optio Publishing is known for quality content, and thousands of dental practices use it for in-office education, dental websites and education-driven marketing campaigns on YouTube and Facebook. The upcoming release of Optio TV for the waiting room is the highly-anticipated next step for this dynamic business. For more information, visit www.optiopublishing.com