eTrack Online Services

Simply Integrated Solutions

eTrack is a new online service developed by The Bridge Network to bring a suite of online solutions to your practice. We are excited to launch eTrack with our primary service, eForms Online New Patient Forms.

Mobile Confirmation Agent

Increase your patientís satisfaction, decrease no-shows and improve your staffís efficiency. Text and email messages have a high response rate from patients. These technology tools enable your patients to get their appointment reminders directly, and easily submit their confirmations, from wherever they might happen to be. Your staff can then focus on the patients that need extra attention. Read More.

Two Way Texting

Tracker 11.27 has the option of allowing you to engage in 2 way texting with your patients. Currently, when a patient sends an invalid text, they are given an automatic text response asking to call the office. This happens, for example, when a patient tries to respond to a text message to reschedule or cancel. For many offices, this is preferable. However, some offices prefer to receive the incoming text and then provide a live response. 2-way texting allows you to do this. The following video demonstrates the benefits of 2-way texting. Watch it in action.

eForms: Online Patient Forms

With access to the patient information form at your patientís fingertips, this integrated solution allows your patients to submit their information to you from the privacy and comfort of their own home. This allows your patients to spend less time in your waiting room and allows your staff to review the information for alerts and accuracy prior to the actual appointment. Read More.

Online Recall Appointment Booking

Most offices book their recalls well in advance for the vast majority of patients. However, there are always those patients are not easy to get a hold of Ė the proverbial 20%. It can be very time consuming trying to make arrangements for this group. Chances are they are the Ďdonít call me, Iíll call you typeí who prefer to make arrangements on their terms. This is where Online Recall Appointment Booking comes in. Tracker can automatically identify these patients and send them an invitation to book their recall appointment as the due date approaches. These patients will get to choose only from appointment blocks that you make available for them, so they canít make a mess of your schedule. Watch it in action.

BackTrack Online Backup

Are you backing up your data on a daily basis? You would be surprised to hear how many people answer “No” (or “I don’t know”) to this important question. We at The Bridge Network like to say that backing up is like flossing - everybody knows they should be doing it every day, but too many people either can’t be troubled to do it consistently or are just plain doing it wrong. Read More.