eForms: Online New Patient Forms

How Are You Collecting New Patient Data?

With access to the patient information form at your patientís fingertips, this integrated solution allows your patients to submit their information to you from the privacy and comfort of their own home. This allows your patients to spend less time in your waiting room and allows your staff to review the information for alerts and accuracy prior to the actual appointment. Because we realize that each office is different, eForms allows you to customize your online New Patient Forms to your individual needs.

The Better Way

eForms is an integrated solution that allows your patients to fill out their patient information from the comfort and privacy of their own home. Here’s how:

  • Obtain the patient’s email address and with one click send them a personalized email
  • Your patient opens the link from the email and fills out the form at their convenience
  • Information from the form is automatically transferred to your Tracker database
  • Medical and dental history is automatically attached to the patient’s chart and easily retrieved within Document Management
  • All of this is managed by a secure server using military grade 256bit SSL AES Encryption




Custom and third-party solutions can be complicated and expensive and on top of that, they require a great deal of maintenance. Whenever your software is upgraded, the database is often updated as well. In these cases, the custom and third-party solutions will often break down. These fixes don’t come free. With eTrack, this is never an issue.

While we don’t encourage the ‘kiosk’ solution of having patients fill out their information on a computer in your office, eForms can provide that solution – but with a twist. The traditional kiosk idea requires a computer be connected to your local network to be used by the unattended patient. It doesn’t take much to see this is bad idea. With eForms, any computer with an Internet connection can serve this purpose – without the security risk.

Real World Solutions

Let’s face it, there are going to be certain patients you will still have to handle the old-fashioned way – with pen and paper. Many other solutions handle this awkwardly, forcing you to have separate procedures. Because eForms is integrated with Document Management, you don’t need to change anything. Documents that are scanned in are available in the same place as online documents – so you can find this information in the same place every time.

The Bridge Network has been providing award-winning solutions and intelligent software concepts to Canadian dentists since 1992. The Bridge Network offers many custom-tailored solutions for the Canadian dental market. Please contact us to discuss how these solutions, including eTrack, can add value to your business.