Optional Modules

Contract Processing

Tracker manages all financial contract information in one intuitive screen. The System automatically calculates and keeps track of the ongoing installments paid, the outstanding balances, and the amount of installments. You also have specific areas to enter information that print on a standard CAO insurance form. Contracts can be processed either automatically at start-up or manually and provide you with a list of contracts before processing. “Monthly charges” are automatically generated and receipts automatically print for accounts that have given you post-dated cheques.

Patient Check-in Module

Know when your patients have arrived!

Do you have a computer in the Operatory or your private office and would like to know when patients are arriving without causing interruption or more work for staff at the front desk? If so, Tracker’s Check-In Module may be for you! Using a computer in the reception area, the Check-In Module allows patients to check-in by selecting their name from a short list of patients who should be arriving for their appointments. The system will then prompt to confirm that this indeed is the patient who is checking-in and then automatically updates all of Tracker’s Schedules by placing a check mark before the patient’s name.

Tracker also records when the patient has checked-in and automatically updates the patient’s appointment from “Booked” to “Late” if they arrive later than a specified amount of time.

To maintain privacy, the Check-In Module can be configured to only show first names. When patients check in, they can optionally be asked to confirm their identity by entering their phone number, birthdate or email, to ensure the patient is checking in correctly. The perfect balance of privacy and functionality.

Security does exist so that patients can access (and see) only the Check-In Module screen. And for those patients who may come to your practice and prefer not to use a computer to check-in, a receptionist can easily check them in using Tracker’s Patient Flow feature.

Read why the Check-In Module is not just for Orthodontists and high volume offices.

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