BackTrack Online Backup with Open File Access!

Are you backing up your data on a daily basis? You would be surprised to hear how many people answer “No” (or “I don’t know”) to this important question. We at The Bridge Network like to say that backing up is like flossing - everybody knows they should be doing it every day, but too many people either can’t be troubled to do it consistently or are just plain doing it wrong.

It's an unfortunate situation, but over the past 13 years we’ve had several offices lose their data due to fires or stolen computers. When this happens the first thing on your mind is how to get all of your data back. In a lot of these cases, no up-to-date backup solution is available, and with more offices going with Digital Imaging, your data has never been more important. Since getting your data restored can be a very time consuming process, and since we have always been the first place where our offices turn to when a problem arises, we are introducing our online backup system, BackTrack.

By using BackTrack, a recent copy of your data can be downloaded within minutes to make sure that no matter what the circumstance, your office is back up and running as quickly as possible. Remember, hardware is replaceable, data is not. Don’t take risks with your data!

Backing up your data requires a commitment to a daily process that many users don't understand. Backup systems are typically set up when you purchase your computer and expected to work. Did you know that analysts estimate the failure rate for tape backup recovery to be between 20-50% for small to medium size businesses? Internet backup addresses the central weaknesses of traditional backup systems in the following ways:

  • Automate the process. Backup systems with a high level of human intervention are most likely to fail. Humans are bound by the axiom “We all make mistakes” and “We’re only human”.
  • Simplify and support the process. When your backup needs expand, are you confident enough to reconfigure your backup to accommodate these needs? Or do you get on the phone and pay to have somebody configure it for you? With BackTrack your Bridge Network software will be automatically configured for backup and help is available through our exceptional Technical Support.
  • Eliminate physical factors. Traditional backups require that tapes be organized, labeled, rotated, stored off-site, and replaced periodically. With no backup media, you don't need to worry about losing or damaging expensive (and valuable) backup media.

We at The Bridge Network are extremely excited about bringing BackTrack to every one of our clients because we are feel that it will add tremendous value. In fact, we are offering BackTrack for FREE to our clients with a broadband Internet connection! Your first 2 GB of data will now be included as part of your annual Support. That is enough space to store the average Tracker data more than 5 times. Clients who backup digital x-ray and imaging will require additional storage, which is billed as required and available without any limitations or additional configuration. Please see the back page for pricing and technical information.

Safety, Security, Reliability and Value.

Why Your Data is Safe and Secure

The Bridge Network has teamed with Canada’s leading online backup provider to bring you the best backup solution for Canadian Dental Community. Unlike many other Internet Backup solutions in the Dental Industry, BackTrack stores your data using bank grade security and storage technology. Here is how BackTrack provides safety, security, reliability and value.

Strong Encryption and Secure Protocol. Your files are protected using 448 bit Blowfish Encryption before they leave your PC. This extremely secure "bank grade" encryption algorithm has never been cracked. Your files are then stored in this encrypted state at our secure data center located within Canada over proprietary protocol designed specifically for Internet Backup.

Data and Password Security. With BackTrack, each user gets their own individual account and password. This means that each user also gets a unique encryption key. This encryption key ensures that while your data is securely stored at our Canadian data center, only you have access to your data. Our password security practices have been modeled after premier online banking web sites. Your content is strictly governed by Canadian privacy regulations and is not vulnerable to Homeland Security legislation. You can be rest assured that BackTrack provides the privacy required for the Dental industry.


Open File Backup. One of the most common user errors is forgetting to exit the application on *all* computers before backing up. You see, most backup solutions require this in order to back up a file since they are not capable of Open File Backup. Backtrack is the first and only online backup solution with Open File Backup, which frees you from this requirement.

Secure Data Center. All computer systems operate on redundant power. Servers have dual power supplies fed from separate electrical panels. The facility includes triple redundant diesel generators, dual redundant UPSs, the latest fire suppression equipment, and 24 hour guards on-site. Every precaution is taken to protect the integrity of your data.

End to End Verification. Each file is verified to ensure that the data stored on our servers is the same data that was stored on your PC.

Compatibility. The protocol used by our Backup Client was designed to look to a firewall just like the SSL protocol used in web browsers. If you are able to surf to our web site, you will be able to connect with our backup software.

Real-Time, Automatic Backup. Whenever you're online, BackTrack backs up your data automatically. There are no procedures to follow. No Schedules to set. You can never miss a backup window. BackTrack continually watches your files looking for changes. When a change is detected, our backup engine goes to work. Have you ever imagined one day taking a digital x-ray and having it automatically backed up moments later? That day is now here.


BackTrack is billed on a monthly basis based on amount of data stored, not transferred. This, together with 2 free GB per month, means that most clients will be able to back up their Tracker data and keep 5 versions of the data without having to pay a cent. Offices using digital x-ray and imaging will need to go beyond the 2 free GB and can enjoy the following monthly rates with no setup fee and no monthly monitoring fee.

BackTrack Prices

Storage Monthly Rate / GB
0 - 2 GB Free
3 - 10GB $2.50 /GB
11 - 20GB $2.00 /GB
20 - 100GB $1.00 /GB
over 100GB $0.50 /GB
Open File Backup FREE