Digital Signature Pads

The Digital Signature Pad allows for seamless acquisition of secure digital signatures directly into Imaging, Custom Forms as well as T-Word documents, taking the chartless office to the next level. Prescriptions, consent forms, etc. can be managed fully electronically without the risk of losing the original document since they are stored digitally and tamper proof 24 hours after completion. Digital Signatures provide security, efficiency and peace of mind all with the very intuitive, easy to use interface that our clients have become used to.


Weighing only seven ounces with a standard touchpad and stylus, the USB Signature pad is ideal for use in the field, and can be conveniently shared between multiple users.

  • Interface - USB or Bluetooth wireless
  • Integrates directly into T-Word documents and into custom forms
  • Power source- USB only, no AC adapter required
  • Biometric Resolution- 377 PPS, 410 PPI
  • Authentication type- SigAnalyze
  • Signing area- 4.4" x 1.3" meets minimum signing width
  • Weight- 7 oz.

To purchase these items, please contact our sales department at 1-800-922-7434 extension 1.