Strategic Practice Analysis

How well is your office really using Tracker? In many cases, we find that offices are employing only a fraction of Tracker's capabilities. This is especially true with offices who have implemented Tracker more than a year ago and have not had any follow-up training. Learning to use Tracker to maximize efficiency and productivity is the key to unlocking its full potential. Tracker Data Reviews are simple and effective. Our Sales team can make arrangements to obtain your Tracker data which are then analyzed by a Certified Tracker Trainer. The trainer creates a report outlining areas of strength and areas in need of improvement in your staff's Tracker usage.

For anyone interested in a detailed Tracker data Review you can contact Sales to make the arrangements and we can do one of two things:

We review your data and produce a quick overview summary report. A training session is then scheduled where the analysis is discussed and the trainer focuses on the areas of improvement. Because the data analysis is explained in person during the training session, the data analysis report is streamlined and the cost of this report is only $200. The training session where the report is discussed and areas of improvement are addressed is then billed at your regular training rate. Please be aware that if you have a high speed Internet connection in your office, you can now take advantage of our on-line training sessions which can save money on travel expenses. Ask us for details.

We are very confident that you will be satisfied with your investment in a Tracker Data Review.

For more information or to schedule a Tracker data analyses, please contact Sales at 1-800-92-BRIDGE x 1.


Sample Strategic Practice Analysis

Sample Strategic Practice AnalysisSample Strategic Practice Analysis

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