Tracker 11 FAQ

Below you will find answers to most frequently asked questions prior to your Tracker 11 training. Click on each question to expand/collapse.

When will I get Tracker 11?

While all offices will eventually be upgraded to Tracker 11, at this time, it's not a forced upgrade. We will work closely with offices to manage the transition process to ensure a successful upgrade to the new version. Please contact us for more information.

Implementation overview.

Our goal is to make the upgrade as smooth as possible for your office. Therefore we have come up with the Tracker 10-11 Upgrade Process to ensure your office has minimal disruption during this transition.

Is Tracker 11 right for my office?

Some offices are happy with their Tracker exactly the way it is right now, and aren't sure if they would like to move forward with the newest version. While all offices will eventually be upgraded to Tracker 11, at this time, it's not a forced upgrade. Please review the Tracker 11 Videos or view the Tracker 11 Highlights to help you decide if this step is right for you at this particular time.

How much training do we need?

Training and post-training shadowing is mandatory and required to upgrade to Tracker 11. Included in the training is a complimentary Strategic Practice Analysis report. This will help focus your second training session on the issues that are of most concern to your particular office.

How much does Tracker 11 cost?

There is no cost for the update, it is included in your Annual Maintenance. The only costs that you will encounter are the training costs, and any upgrade costs for your hardware if necessary.

Is my hardware good enough for Tracker 11?

Please see our Tracker 11 Minimum Requirements document. It is mandatory that you consult with your chosen hardware vendor to ensure that all of the computers in your office meet these requirements.

Tracker 11 Implementation Process.

I have more questions!

If you have a question that is not listed here, please contact us. Our website is continuously updated and as we receive more questions, this page will have the most up to date information.