New User Training


In order for your office to continue to benefit from the different tools and features in our applications, The Bridge Network offers New User Training for Tracker and its Clinical Suite applications. Because itís necessary to give your staff the skills needed, and in a short period of time, this session concentrates on the systemís basic functions.

For offices connected to highspeed Internet, staff can get all the benefits and convenience of professional training without the added costs. Onsite training, which is a minimum of two hours, has the additional expense of the trainerís pre-approved travel costs. However, training that is done online has no minimum session requirements or the added expense of travel costs and may broken into multiple sessions.

Additional training, whether online or onsite, is available if the user and/or office feels itís required. To reinforce the concepts introduced in this session, itís highly recommended that users receive a follow-up session. Where applicable, a Strategic Practice Analysis should also be considered.