TBN Coaching Services


For close to 20 years, The Bridge Network has been offering its clients superior software solutions and has set an industry standard. We’ve decided to raise the bar again - not just on the level of service we’re providing, but the type of service you can now expect from The Bridge Network.  That’s why we have decided it was time for TBN to launch its TBN Coaching Services for our clients who appreciate what our team offers.

In the past, TBN hung back from consulting to avoid a possible conflict with our training services.  But as we see offices change and progress, so must TBN; therefore, the types of services we provide must progress.  These services - which we refer to as “Coaching” rather than “Training” - are a cycle of growth and development to keep your practice moving forward.  This is accomplished by reviewing certain topics/issues in greater detail with you and your staff, ensuring your goals are met by scheduling ongoing meetings (onsite or online). With the vast amounts of experience that our trainers and account managers have,  who’s better to guide and advise your office on the most efficient and cost-effective ways to improve your productivity?  Everyone benefits – including your patients. We have stepped into circumstances where we’ve been asked to counsel offices on situations where our philosophies have conflicted with dental consultants who were not aware of what our software is capable of doing. This has caused extra work and stress for the office staff. Who better to eliminate excess waste, redundancy and overlap than a Coach who knows your office’s chosen software program inside and out?

Some of the benefits of taking advantage of our TBN Coaching Services are:

  • Coaching breaks away from our software products and is the next step after training.
  • TBN has knowledgeable, experienced people on its team who put their know-how to work in helping to create a successful and professional office that will result in a relaxed and harmonious work environment.
  • Because we know the ‘ins-and-outs’ of Tracker, its clinical applications and are in-the-know about future features constantly being developed -  who’s better to give guidance in creating the best possible work environment?
  • Work together with TBN in a multi-stage process whereby the commencement of each stage is based on the practice owner’s consent to proceed. 
  • Coaching can be combined either online and/or onsite with pre-packaged pricing in place, allowing both sides to ‘Work Smart.’
  • Since coaching is a committed undertaking, some may want to take advantage of our retainer proposal.
  • Multiple packages are available, divided into three levels, including Selective Outsourcing of topics we feel are better handled by those who have a solid understanding of our software and share our same philosophies.


TBN Coaching is a privileged program geared towards offices committed to the continuous growth and development of their practice.  Detailed Coaching services are tailored to your office’s specific needs.