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While Tracker is widely regarded as a powerful practice management system, having the right software is only part of your business' success. Having the right skills and knowing how to use the software correctly is vital. This is why we offer different levels of software training and coaching services. Each session is designed to give you the necessary tools to optimize Tracker. Scheduling training couldn't be easier. Take advantage of our online training.

Training is developed to coincide with user experience and our basic training level is geared toward new Tracker users. As staff familiarize themselves and get more comfortable with Tracker, our Advanced Power Sessions are more focused and detailed. Once staff is comfortable using Tracker, we can then offer Premium Coaching to review your internal procedures and suggest methodologies and make your office even more efficient and effective.

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Basic Training & Implementation (est. 20 hours)

An introductory training session for first-time Tracker users is mandatory. Your software will be the most utilized tool in your office and we want to ensure it's used correctly. During these estimated 20-hours of training, staff can expect to learn the basics of Tracker giving them the foundation to successfully use the software making them more productive in a less stressful environment. During basic training & Implementation, each trainer follows the same guidelines and training checklist. However, the amount of information presented and how it is presented is tailored to accommodate the needs of each individual office.

Our certified trainers have extensive knowledge and experience with Tracker and its clinical applications in a real office environment. They make certain your staff is trained effectively, efficiently and that all users have a chance to practice what's been taught.


Example: We show you how to make invoices and take payments.

Strategic Practice Analysis (2 hours average)

We strongly recommend an office have its Strategic Practice (Database) Analysis from six months to a year after implementing Tracker or when there have been changes in the office. After downloading your database, we'll review the information to assess just how well things are going and if Tracker is being optimized to the fullest. Strategic Practice Analysis allows us to tailor the Power Session training session.


Example: Statistics for insurance breakdowns and Treatment planning are discussed.

Power Session (4 hour blocks)

In our Advanced Power Training Sessions, we delve deeper into the more crucial elements within Tracker. These sessions are planned weeks after your first introduction to Tracker and while these particular sessions aren't mandatory, focus is directed at an office's specific needs and is tailored to that office's requests. For offices serious about success, it's these sessions that will examine on-the-job productivity to determine and identify user-behaviour that may need to be changed, increased or eliminated. Staff will learn what they need to do to be more efficient and productive in a tension-free environmentext will go here.


Example: Explore how to break down a Treatment Plan into phases to maximize case acceptance.

Premium Coaching (Customized to Office / project)

For offices ready to take their business to the next level to build a strong profitable company, TBN will deliver a premium coaching program that will drive long-term success. We'll help you identify the best strategies you need to be as successful as you can be so you can Work Smart and Enjoy Life.

In order to reach goals you've outlined for your business a sounding board may be the way to go. We'll work with you to help you reach your full potential by assisting and reviewing topics/issues that may be plaguing your day-to-day operations. It all begins with a Tracker trainer at your office in an observatory role watching how Tracker is being used, if office procedures are being followed and if there is cohesive work flow. The documented results are brought back to TBN and shared in a "Think Tank" brainstorming session. Proposals are written and presented to the office. TBN Coaching is a privileged program geared towards offices committed to the continuous growth and development of their practice.


Example: We look at case presentation including patient education & follow up to help determine if you need to hire a dedicated treatment coordinator.


External Coaching & Consulting (Customized Per Project)

Clients looking at the big picture might require help in areas falling out of our area of expertise. If this is the case, TBN will recommend an authorized The Bridge Network external coach/consultant who is uniquely qualified, but still knows Tracker.


Example: Document a Treatment Coordinator job description and look for the right one for your office.