Working Smart.

Take Advantage of the Internet

Protect your data!

The Internet has become an indispensable tool for the technically advanced dental office. However, if you are only using your connection for email and web-surfing, you are not taking full advantage of it. The Bridge Network offers additional services to offices with a high-speed connection, such as our BackTrack Online Back-up Service (with 2GB Free), faster fee guide updates, program updates, RSS Feeds, online training, even better technical support, as well as our eServices such as Mobile Confirmation Agent and integrated patient eForms.

Peace of Mind with Database Analysis

Have you ever wondered if your office is getting the most out of your software investment? Our Database Analysis service is a cost-effective means of gauging your office’s Tracker usage. It will identify key areas of improvement that you can then use for targeted training to get the most for your training dollar.


Tracker Enterprise Edition for Multi-office Companies

Since we are using the latest Microsoft Technologies, we can easily provide an excellent solution for working from remote office locations. Thus, allowing you to run Tracker, and all its clinical components, wherever you can get access to the Internet.

Little Extras to Help You Along the Way

We strive for perfection in all the features introduced into Tracker and have invested years in developing an intuitive, well-designed system. As a result, Tracker comes with many handy extras to help you work smarter. Features such as a series of Intelli-Prompt messages to guide you through common processes, as well as the introduction of the Office ‘Ribbon’ instead of less-efficient tool bars and menus.


Tracker 11’s Ribbon

Other Reasons to Choose to Work with Us.

Integrity, with a no-hassle Money Back Guarantee

Our focus is on providing long-term value based on years of quality and reliability. Our vision is one that looks towards the long-term, focusing on providing benefits to our customers now and in the future. Our vision for providing intelligent software solutions stands on integrity. While price is always a factor in any major decision, we are so confident you will enjoy dealing with us and using our programs that we offer a satisfaction guarantee with no-hassle money-back if you’re not completely satisfied.

Microsoft Gold Certified Providers

We are proud to be the first practice management system to be written for the Windows operating system in Canada and we routinely evaluate new technology and implement only what is truly stable and reliable. From the original Windows 3.1 and Visual Basic 1.0 to the newest SQL Sever and .NET frameworks, our commitment makes sure you stay ahead of the curve now and in the future. Tracker 11 is bold proof of this!


A 100% privately Owned Canadian Company

The Bridge Network is a 100% privately owned Canadian company with products installed and used across the country and abroad. As the Canadian marketplace changes with new fee guides or new taxation and privacy laws, you can be sure we quickly adapt our software to make any necessary changes.







Our focus is software; our strength is people;
and our clients are our future.