Come discover ‘Visual Charting’...

According to record keeping guidelines of governing bodies such as the Royal College of Dental Surgeons and College of Dental Surgeons of B.C.;“Dental Records should provide an accurate picture of a patient’s oral/dental status.”How can you get more accurate than an actual photograph and/or digital x-ray?

Voice-activated periodontal screens with patient-friendly periodontal history screens and reports to track patient progress.

Being a single application, invoices and treatment plans are automatically produced and updated when work is charted providing seamless patient flow.

All images can be viewed and edited directly in Tracker’s patient screen.

Sortable, secure, detailed transaction records of all conditions and completed procedures, as well as future treatment options.

With a single click when highlighting a procedure, you can view the related patient education video or print/e-mail a treatment plan booklet that includes educational illustrations and a financial estimate.

Corresponding notes are viewed simultaneously, simplifying navigation to effortlessly review all clinical data in one place.

Fully customizable clinical notes include the ability to add general notes and user-defined Forms. All notes take advantage of Microsoft's proven voice dictation and the Auto Phrases feature “remembers” your personal commonly-used comments. Smart Phrases create entire paragraph procedure notes by simply answering a few questions.

Tracker Charting goes beyond ‘computerizing’ your charts by revolutionizing the way in which you chart. Centuries old symbol based charting is replaced by The Bridge Network’s proven ‘Visual Charting’ concept, the powerful and seamless integration of all images and clinical data in one place. Patient dental records are enhanced through technology with greater efficiency and accuracy. The more you learn about ‘Visual Charting’, the more it makes sense!