Online Web Update Installation

In order to update your system online via our Web Update, do the following:


Please Note: Because this update requires a database update, you will need to close Tracker on all computers. Please find an appropriate time for this update with this in mind.


  • Go to a computer with Internet Access
  • Run Tracker. In Tracker click on File | Utilities
  • In Tracker Utilities, click on File | Install | Web Update
  • Once you are, you will be asked to download the update. Click Yes
  • Once the download completes (it can take between 5 to 10 minutes, depending on traffic), you will be asked to run the installation. Click Yes. Read and follow the prompts until completion.  Once the installation is complete, close and restart Tracker.
  • The local computer will be updated, then ask to Update your database. Click Yes
  • The database update screen will appear. Click ‘Start’. Once complete, click Exit
  • Restart Tracker on all computers.