Tracker System Hardware
Quotation Review

The Bridge Network has implemented for our clients a Hardware Quotation Review. We closely review the hardware quotation that you receive to ensure that it meets or exceeds our current Tracker Hardware Requirements. The review is broken down into several sections: Computing Environment, Hardware, Software (provided by the vendor in addition to Tracker), Network Equipment, Installation and Configuration, Computer Vendor (the ability of the vendor to properly service and support your purchase). Although there are many components to this review, we would like to draw your attention to the following in particular:

Network Equipment:

Properly building a computer network to support multiple computers is a very important task for proper Tracker operation. We review the hardware and services required to ensure accuracy.

Service Levels/Response Times:

It is important that there are reasonable/quick response times in the event of problems at your site. Same or next day response is a minimum service level. Retail establishments typically do not provide on-site service.

Emergency Loaner Program:

In the event of equipment failure, will you have equipment made available to you if it is necessary to have your equipment repaired? Your business depends on it!

Whether you are a new client or an existing client upgrading your equipment or adding additional computer workstations, please allow us to review your hardware quotation - it is vital to your business.

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