Additional Requirements

Printer Requirements

  • The Tracker software requires a laser printer with at least 16MB of memory capable of printing 12 pages per minute or more. If you intend to print images 32MB is recommended.
  • Bubble Jet and Ink Jet printers are suitable for printing Images but are not suitable for Tracker.  These printers print line-by-line, which may not able to shift the paper to print to the bottom of the page properly.

Smart Label Printer Requirements

  • Tracker can capture patient information and send it to a label printer. This feature prints addresses, next appointments, file folder labels, etc. For this a label printer is required and the Dymo label printers have been tested and work with Tracker.


  • EDI requires the use of ITRANS and high speed internet. To obtain your ITRANS digital certificate contact ITRANS at 1-866-788-1212.
  • If you choose to use an analog modem to send EDI, please contact the CDAnet for a list of compatible modems.

Intraoral Cameras

The SmartCam Intraoral Camera supports 32-bit O/S only. For 64-bit support please ask us about the SmartCam II or the SmartZoom intraoral cameras.

Some external USB hubs are known to cause issues with the capturing capabilities of intraoral cameras and may need to be disconnected for proper functionality.

Anti-Virus/3rd Party Security

  • In offices where real-time virus scanning (such as Norton Auto-Protect) is desired, the Tracker directories will need to be excluded in order to prevent performance problems and database corruptions. On the Server you will need to exclude the Tracker folder and its contents. On each workstation you will need to exclude the ‘C:Program Files\Tracker Work’ folder. It is also recommended to exclude the following processes for performance improvement:

Tracker 11

C:\Program Files\Tracker Work\TBN.Tracker.exe

Tracker 10

C:\Program Files\Tracker Work\Trackerb.exe

C:\Program Files\Tracker Work\Tbridge.exe

Incompatible Anti-Virus / Security Software

Anti-Virus Notes
Wave Embassy Security Suite This software is pre-installed with new Acer and Asus machines and must be completely uninstalled from the system
Comodo Antivirus Prevents Tracker 11 from installing or printing
Bit Defender Total Protection Plan Does not allow exceptions for network paths.
Total Defense Internet Security Prevents Tracker Client from finding the database.

Prevents critical system files from installing / operating.


Prevents critical system files from installing / operating.


Prevents critical system files from installing / operating.

ESetís NOD32 Incompatible with the Eye-Fi manager.
Verion 6.5+ has been found to block ITRANS.
Spyware Doctor with Antivirus version 5 and higher

Please note: Some of these software write-protects parts of the Windows registry, preventing ActiveX Control files from registering. Other antivirus/firewall software that may have malfunctions in blocking of potentially dangerous programs may also be incompatible.

Exceptions for Tracker should always be added to the anti-virus software.

Other versions and/or anti-viruses not listed here may not be compatible with software distributed by The Bridge Network. Other unexpected behaviour not listed here may also occur.

  • HP Protect Tool and Bioscript Software for fingerprint readers on HP equipment is not compatible with our applications and must be uninstalled.
  • Dell Data Protection and all of its dependencies must be uninstalled from all computers.

System Requirements

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