Technical Support
Mission Statement

"To provide the Tracker community with a source of knowledge and guidance in a timely manner. We seek to present ourselves in a friendly, knowledgeable, caring and responsible manner."

Technical Support Mission Statement

In the hope of serving you better, we have prepared the following to inform you of the different software supported by the Tracker Technical Support Department. Using this information, you will be able to minimize the number of times you need to contact Technical Support, and spend more time using Tracker.

The Technical Support Department has been trained to provide expert, timely assistance with the use of The Bridge Network’s software suite for Dental Professionals. This includes Tracker, Imaging, Charting, EDI-Track (CDAnet to send claims to Insurance Companies), Tracker Reporter and T-Word (letter writing module) and all other software provided by The Bridge Network. The Technical Support Department will assist you with the installation of our software package and/or the configuration of the provided utilities, for general use.

It is not the role of our Technical Support Department to:

  • Assist in the installation or configuration of your Windows operating system
  • Assist in the installation of computer hardware, including modems and printers
  • Assist in the installation or configuration of non-Tracker software. Non-Tracker software includes third-party
  • software applications, Windows, Microsoft Office, Tape Backup and Internet connectivity software etc.

When you require assistance for these items you should contact the provider of the equipment and/or software to answer any questions you may have. Your computer equipment provider will assist you with any hardware questions you may have with regards to the proper use and operation of the computer, monitor, modem, printer, keyboard and mouse. Questions with regards to software that you may have should be directed to the software manufacturer. Each software package you purchase typically comes with literature about who to contact for technical support. We can help you with Tracker questions you may have - this is our commitment to you!