Programming Languages

One of the biggest problems with earlier versions of Windows was that developers had a difficult time writing applications for it. At the time, the only tool for this was Microsoft C and there was very limited information available for guidance.

Microsoft then released Visual Basic 1.0, which is a RAD (Rapid Application Development) tool that allows for faster development and easier tracking down of problems. As a result, more time can be spent adding features and designing the software to be easy to use. This innovative development environment showed great promise over developing in C. When the first version of Tracker was released, it was created using Visual Basic 3.0. Over the years, newer versions of Visual Basic added more features, power, speed and ease of use in developing Windows applications. As these new versions of Visual Basic were released, we have taken advantage of these advances in Tracker to provide the latest and best for our clients. In fact, Microsoft and Visual Basic Programmer’s Journal, a magazine dedicated to the use of Visual Basic, awarded Tracker first place in their best-designed Visual Basic program contest.

Currently, The Bridge Network’s tool of choice is Microsoft .NET Framework using a mix of C# and VB programming languages. This next generation development platform uses the latest managed code programming model for increased performance, stability and security. In the mean time we continue to evaluate leading edge technologies as they emerge in order to choose the best available tools to develop our software.

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