Tracker 11 Now Shipping!

Over the next few months, we will be sending out a new version of Tracker to all our offices currently on support. Tracker 11 encompasses a number of changes from the last version that was released. There are a number of things that you should note as this new version is rolled out.

Fee Guides
Tracker 10.50 will be required in the new year in order to install and use the latest fee guides. There have been some changes to the fee guides made over the last year and the old fee guides will no longer work with older versions of Tracker..

ITrans, DACNET, and EDI
Tracker 10.50 is required in order to use some of the latest versions of EDI including iTrans, EDI 4.0 for PBC and DACnet.

Imaging and Charting.
Tracker 11 includes the latest versions of Imaging and Charting.

Check your version of Tracker
If you would like to check your current version of Tracker, simple click on Help and then click on About Tracker.

Web Update
If you have access to the internet, smaller updates can now be downloaded automatically from Tracker Utilities. To install a Web Update, within Tracker go to File and click on Utilities. Then click on File, Install, and then Web Update. If a update is available you will be prompted to download it.

Tracker Highlights
Highlights are found in Tracker under Help | Hightlights. If you would like a copy of the highlights for the latest version, please email support or call at 1-800-922-7434 ext. 2