Why stop educating your patients once they leave your office?

You probably use, or have considered using a DVD in reception. You may also use Optio Dentistry (which is bundled with Tracker) at chair side or in a consultation room to help educate patients about treatment options. Using these tools will definitely contribute to the growth of your practice.

Making the Right Digital X-ray Decision

If you don’t do your research to find what’s best for your practice, you may end up with a digital x-ray system that will not only be frustrating to use and cost you time, it could also cause you to lose a few patients

Point & Shoot vs. SLR Cameras: The Digital Decision is Yours

Some ‘Point and Shoot’ cameras of today (not all) have greatly improved over their predecessors. Repositioned flash, large easy to view LCD monitors, multiple shooting modes such as ‘Super Macro’, and high mega pixel counts all make these low priced (about 15% of the price of a Digital SLR) cameras more than a suitable addition to your operatories.

Possibly the most inefficient tool in an operatory...

The Intraoral Camera.  With the recent advancements made to digital photography as well as imaging software (similar to that of The Bridge Network’s ChairSide Imaging), taking better quality intra oral images can be faster and easier by using a simple macro camera rather than an Intraoral Camera.

Optimizing Outlook

A misconception about Microsoft Outlook and other email clients is that its only function is to receive and send email. Although email is its primary function, a lot of people don’t realize how many organization and scheduling tools are available and how Outlook can make office email and task management easy and effective.  Through the use of email organization, contact lists, calendar / to do reminders, user signatures and managing your junk email, Outlook can easily become one of the most powerful tools used in your office.

Why Spend Time Confirming Appointments?

Confirming appointments can be a frustrating chore especially after hours of voice mails, unreturned messages, and phone tag. How much time does your office spend confirming appointments? How much time does your office spend leaving messages on patients’ voice mail or with family members? And how many of those patients actually receive the message? Imagine sending a days worth of appointment confirmation reminders to patients with just a click of a button.

On-Line Back-ups Why Use Them?

Are you backing up your data on a daily basis? You would be surprised to hear how many people answer “No” or “I don’t know” to this important question. The Bridge Network likes to say that backing up data is like flossing - everybody knows they should be doing it daily, but too many people either can’t be bothered or are just plain doing it wrong.

Are You Getting the Most from Tracker?

A lot of resources are put into the investment of computerizing an office in hopes that its use will increase productivity. What is often overlooked is that your computer hardware and software is only as efficient as the person using it.

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