Digital XRay and Software - Part 1: Quality

Many of you have read that software is the most important part of your digital xray system. We happen to believe this is true, but what does this have to do with X-Ray quality? Find out the truth about Digital X-Ray quality and software.

Going Digital? So why are your new patient forms still paper?

As offices go digital they and their patients reap the benefits. But when it comes to registering new patients most offices still use paper. This creates problems and misses out on a prime opportunity to create a positive first impression.

Infection Control and The Digital Office

With H1N1 recently front and centre in the news, dental offices and patients should ask themselves if they are doing their best to prevent its spread. What is the smartest option?

You have questions? We have answers!

Our specialty is dental software and the technology that is used with it. So it's no wonder that we are the authority on going digital. Come see some of the newest resources we have available online that can improve your digital xray quality, improve performance and shrink your backup tab!

Internet In The Office - Now An Essential Business Tool

It's 2009 and still some offices do not have Internet. This is something I find hard to believe. Whether you agree or not, find out why having the Internet in your office is a Work Smart solution.

Stop Wasting Time with Spam!

How many times have you gone to go check your email just to find countless emails of things you never wanted or asked for? Most of us don't believe it when they say "click here to verify all of your bank account information" or want to get the "cheapest blue pill on the market." 

Data Entry and Infection control

Infection control in the dental operatory is an important factory that deservedly gets a great deal of attention. However, how much thought have you given to how your keyboard and mouse may be contributing to the spread of infection? The answer is usually 'not enough'. Here are some simple new options that can help.

Using Your Computer's Sound

Do you think that having sound on your computers offers no benefits? Or maybe you realize there are benefits, but there are drawbacks preventing you. Either way, we may have a solution for you.

Why aren't you taking digital photos of your patients?

The value of taking digital photos is well documented and clear. Still, many dentists are still not taking digital photos of their patients.  Of the few that do take photos regularly, many are doing it themselves instead of delegating to their staff, which is very costly. Given the tools The Bridge Network provides, there is no excuse for not having your staff take great digital photos.

Evaluating Technology

With technology always moving forward, a lot of new products are starting to flood the dental market and many of these products are being ‘pushed’ by speakers, consultants and dental supply houses (that may or may not get some sort of endorsement). So, how do you find out about these products and evaluate them?

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