You're A Dentist, An Educator and A Communicator

How many patients willingly accept treatment based solely on your recommendations? Today, people are more informed than they used to be and it's rare for someone to go ahead with treatment without first getting a second opinion or to turn to the Internet for answers. When making a purchase of any kind, the average person will do most of the leg work and research online.In fact, according to Retailing Today 81% of people research online before making a big purchase. This trend is also true in the medical and dental fields as patient acceptance depends on familiarity and, to a certain extent, awareness.

Practitioners not only need to diagnose and treat teeth, but they also need to be educators. Educated patients feel more involved and accountable for their dental decisions. Giving patients information they need gives them knowledge and awareness, and it builds trust and increases patient communication, acceptance and profitability.

Use the tools in Tracker to help educate your patients.  Here are just a few you should look at:

  • Periodontal Exams. Inform patients about periodontal concerns using Tracker’s periodontal tools.


  • Pictures, Pictures, Pictures. Use extraoral and intraoral pictures to communicate with existing and even potential patients. 


  • Patient Education Videos. Empower patients to make educated decisions with patient education videos like Optio Dentistry Patient Education videos.


  • Patient Education ‘Booklets’. Continue the education experience even after the patient leaves the office with individualized documentation. 



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