You are Leaving Money on The Table!

Tracker has many tools that can maximize production. These tools are only as effective as the attention put into them. You can efficiently track treatment from diagnosis, case presentation, through insurance submission, to case acceptance and completion. You can prioritize follow up based on dates, insurance coverage or dollar value of treatment.

One of the most consistent findings in our Strategic Practice Analysis is the lack of treatment planning management. When you look at the potential production waiting to be harvested, it would blow your mind how little follow up is ever done and that is only considering the treatment plans that are entered into Tracker. With the introduction of the Treatment Planning Wizard a treatment plan is just a click away for any diagnosed decay. Consider the fact that today?s technology facilitates effortless communication via email, and there is absolutely no reason to neglect treatment plans?.yet here we are, writing this article on just that!

So, how do you get your treatment plans in order and start reaping the benefits? Our "Docs and Talks" page has some resources to get you started. From there, our trainers can identify your weaknesses, show you how to clean up and start fresh, and implement strategies to effortlessly maximize treatment plan acceptance.


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