Windows 10 Now Supported

On July 29, 2015, Microsoft will release its new operating system, Windows 10. As previously mentioned, since the Technical Preview in November, The Bridge Network has been running copies of the new OS to ensure compatibility with Trackers 10 and 11, as well as its clinical applications. From our testing, we are very pleased to say all applications are flawlessly working.

Should you upgrade?
Although it may be hard to believe, Windows 7 is almost 6 years old and Windows 8 was released back in 2012. Also, despite many improvements, we still have offices using Windows XP which is now 13 years old. Microsoft recognizes this issue, and with the new OS they hope to change that.

Some of the many improvements in Windows 10 include:

  • Performance improvements over Windows 8 (which is already much faster than Windows 7)
  • Better development tools for increased functionality
  • Cortana ? A digital assistant that can do anything from searching or loading programs to creating emails or controlling programs. (Think Google Now or Siri for your computer)
  • Task View for quickly managing multiple desktops
  • Automatic switch between environments ideal for tablets / touchscreen or traditional desktop
  • Better integration with OneDrive and powerful built-in security software
Microsoft has made many strides with usability and functionality by listening to customer feedback so users should not be faced with the same concerns, unlike the previous version. Despite some minor program changes, Windows 7 and XP users will definitely find the layout very familiar.

Whether you are considering buying a new computer or upgrading your current machine, Windows 10 is a very worthwhile choice that won?t disappoint. Do keep in mind that although Tracker and its applications will work, please check with your hardware vendor to ensure any other software or hardware you may have is compatible.

For a complete list of our hardware requirements, please click here



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