Affordable, Full-Featured Windows Tablets Pack a Punch in a Dental Office

Tablets in the dental office are more commonplace than ever before and while they provide a good conduit for patient information, you probably don’t want to be spending $800 on a device that can be easily broken or stolen. Aimed at professionals and students alike, a new set of smaller Windows based tablets are a great low-cost solution to these issues with capabilities similar to their higher-priced counterparts.

In previous articles, we’ve touched on some of the benefits of using tablets in the office and with the expansion of form usage within Tracker, it makes even more sense having an office tablet. Why should this matter to you? Windows tablets are convenient for filling out forms within Tracker while the patient is in the chair and is the perfect accompaniment when using eForms in the office while the patient is in the waiting room.

Starting at around $200, this lineup of Windows 8.1 pro tablets are not limited in any sense and run a full version of Windows (unlike fruit or robot devices) with a slightly less powerful CPU and a bit less memory than your standard desktop. Furthermore, for a little extra money, some models, like the 8-inch Asus Vivotab Note 8 or the Toshiba Encore 2 Write (8-and 10-inch flavours) give you stylus capabilities. Perfect for signing forms via a secured webpage online in eForms.

While the Topaz digital signature add-on was the recommended method of signing forms, a stylus and an 8 inch tablet allows you to skip the cost and hassle as everything you need is built in. With a Topaz fee of $200 per machine, the licensing cost for multiple tablets will add up very quickly. Also, let’s not forget the easy portability of such a small device for patient education purposes, like showing Optio videos, having patients view their own images, as well as providing movies and games that patients can enjoy.

For offices that have or are looking to use our any of our forms, tablets like these can make a great deal of difference in time saved and patient experience. Once you start using them you’ll never look back.


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