Tech-Savvy Patients Drive Practice Changes

When we first developed Tracker Practice Management in 1994, nobody saw the role it would play in offices 20 years later. Technology has changed the way we live and do business. We consume information in new ways and at a much faster pace. How can you make sure you’re keeping up with these changes? While it isn’t practical to jump onto every tech fad, things like smartphones, text messaging, email and social media are now part of our everyday culture.

This year we launched Mobile Confirmation Agent. This tool automatically performs your appointment communications with electronic ‘Save the Date’, Confirmations and Reminders via email or text messaging based on each individual patient’s preference. Recently, eForms Online Patient forms was launched. With eForms, offices can not only publish their new patient forms online, but have patients complete and submit these forms from the comfort of their home, well in advance of their appointment. In 2015, watch for the release of our Online Scheduling tool which will allow patients to schedule their own recall appointments. Unlike third party products, our solutions are fully integrated with the Tracker database so everything is fully automated and always in real time.

The bottom line is your patients are using technology and expect  the people they do business with to do the same. The tangible benefits are also clear ? electronic confirmation systems decrease missed appointments by 50-to-80%. The other side of that equation is your ability to provide these services. What are the costs and risks? Operating costs are decreased through replacing labour with automation and revenues are directly increased through improved missed appointment rates and greater patient satisfaction. If it holds true that happy patients provide more referrals (and it does) then online services will also grow your patient base. How many investments do you know that can do all this


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