New Strategic Practice Analysis

Our clients have always had the opportunity to have a detailed analysis performed for their office so they can utilize all the capabilities offered in our software. Now, The Bridge Network has taken it one step further by increasing the amount of information offered in this analysis. We are extremely excited and proud to introduce what we call our Strategic Practice Analysis a.k.a. SPA). This analysis has been rebuilt to explore how effectively Tracker is being used so that more thorough and meaningful results are presented. Based on the information in the analysis, a training session is scheduled with a Certified Tracker Trainer who will sit with the office staff and review the findings.  Different approaches to improving efficiency and productivity are explored to achieve an optimal solution to help your practice become even more successful.  From there, The Bridge Network works with staff to implement the necessary strategies needed to move forward.  We call this our ‘SPA Treatment’. 

We believe that each office is unique and deserves a tailored approach in achieving their goals and that’s why our distinctive training program easily segues into higher levels of training and coaching, depending on the office’s level of commitment and needs. 

Our clients have found this to be an effective approach that works to enhance their practice. Here are a couple of testimonials we received recently:

“I wasn't sure if the session would be valuable or not, but now that it is done I can honestly say I am glad we did it. It was enjoyable, and we learnt a few tricks to help improve how we do things.”

“I think having a database review done to guide the training session is a great idea, and glad I took that approach. Gave a nice structure to flow through the good areas and those that needed some work.”

Often times practice owners recognize just how poorly staff is using Tracker despite years of experience.  Unfortunately, in most cases, the time and work involved to fix these issues can be time consuming and costly.  Don’t wait until disaster strikes to learn about the different tools available to you.  Contact us to learn how we can help your practice achieve its goals.


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