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Your hardware is plugged in, youve loaded Tracker into your computer and youre good to go, but is your staff? Learning the basics of any software is easy; but training will take you from mediocre usage to exceptional know-how.

Whats the cost to your practice if your staff doesnt have all the necessary tools to be efficient so they can help increase revenue for your practice?

Its tempting to have a more experienced staff member teach a new employee Tracker, but this could end up causing productivity loss and setbacks. These headaches are easily avoided when you let us give your dream team the knowledge, the skills and tools to use Tracker. TBN trainers have real-time experience working in dental offices. You can trust us training your team. We got this.

The Bridge Network is committed in providing the highest service to its clients. Our trainers are not just certified Tracker trainers, but are experienced, real-time Tracker users. They know how offices operate and their live experience allows them to identify areas needing improving.

"The trainer was patient and customized the training for the different levels of knowledge we had." - Tracker User

Our current training program is structured using 20 years of experience and feedback from the more than 1400 offices using Tracker. And now with the totally redesigned Tracker 11 making its way into offices, training is even more essential to your teams success. Your team will learn everything hands-on whether your training session takes place in-office or online.

Thats why we survey our clients after each training session so we can identify any areas needing improvement. In one recent survey, clients said they are pleased with our trainers knowledge and understanding the uniqueness of each office.

"... we are enjoying working with Tracker 11. It almost feels like the program was custom built for our office needs!" - BC Tracker Office

Software is an investment and without the proper training could end up costing you a lot more than the original sticker price. Giving your staff the necessary tools it needs benefits everyone in the long run. To book your training session, please contact us.


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