Hands Free Perio Charting

Of the many advantages technology provides, one of the greatest is saving time and money. When it comes to periodontal charting, there is a huge opportunity here. Many offices have resigned themselves to the fact that perio charting requires 2 staff to complete. What if you could reliably do the same job in the same time with only 1 person? The savings would be significant. More on that later.

This idea is hardly new. We have been successfully implementing voice activated perio charting for over a decade. At the same time, we also realize this technology is not for everybody in all situations. It requires a bit of tech savvy and other factors may pose challenges.

Dental R.A.T. is an alternative. We recently tested out a demo unit and the results of this test are available on this video. After initial skepticism I was pretty amazed at how such a simple solution worked. At the end of the day this device is a heavy duty keyboard and mouse that is foot controlled. Therein lies the secret to its success: simplicity = reliability. While voice dictation allows for greater control, the R.A.T. is basically as reliable as your keyboard and mouse.

We are always looking for ways to make our software work harder for you. Devices such as the R.A.T. provide such an opportunity. Between the R.A.T. and voice dictation there would really be no reason why any office should be paying an extra staff member to enter perio readings.

If you are interested in learning more about the R.A.T. please contact us.

In addition to our video, here are some interesting resources from the manufacturers website:

ROI Calculator: http://www.dentalrat.com/calculator.html

Intro and Training video: http://www.dentalrat.com/DentalRAT_video_new.htm



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