Setting Up A Digital Dental Operatory


When making the transition to digital record keeping, one of the most important elements is how to incorporate the new technology into the operatory. In order to maximize the investment, you need to partner with the right people. The Bridge Network can help you determine how you want to use the technology to achieve your goals. An IT vendor with experience in the dental industry is the key to setting up the equipment in a way that ensures success.

Define Your Goals

This is quite often an overlooked part of the process. Rather than just transitioning things from paper to digital, you should explore additional opportunities that technology provides. Examples include scheduling, treatment planning, electronic patient confirmation, patient forms and signatures, insurance submission and more. Talk to The Bridge Network about these opportunities.


Our Platinum IT Vendor in Toronto, Wayne Chow from Itek Business Solutions reminds us  “There is no one size fits all solution. There are opportunities and limitations in each environment.” Matching your goals with your environment requires a consultation with your IT vendor. If you are working with one of our preferred vendors, you can be sure that they have done this many times before.


Selecting and placing the CPU is simple right? Not exactly. Questions to consider include:

  • Is ventilation adequate to keep CPU cool?
  • Best size for saving space?
  • Can the user reach the USB port? Will the USB cable reach?
  • Will the USB cable path be comfortable for the patient and staff?
  • Should you have a USB hub? If so, where?

Keyboard and Mouse

Another seemingly simple question where there are a multitude of possibilities.

  • Placement and/or mounting of the input devices are crucial for comfortable and efficient data entry.
  • 1 keyboard or 2 so that Dr. and Assistant don’t need to share.
  • Must be considered in conjunction with monitor placement.
  • Sterilization Options

Monitors and Televisions

Probably the most challenging equipment decision is the monitors. How many? Placement? Mounting? Size? Features? Specs? Touchscreen? There are too many factors and options to consider for discussion here.  This is where your IT professional and match your goals with different solutions to provide the optimal staff and patient experience.

Other Considerations

Options to enhance your environment include the use of tablets, Entertainment, Patient Education delivery  and Intra-Office Communications, including Tracker Messenger and phone systems.



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