Patient Check-In Module. Not just for Orthos.

A client of ours asked about the effectiveness of our Check-In Module for a ‘low-volume high-touch” office.  Even though the Check-In Module originally was designed for Orthodontists and high-volume GP practices, it's been used quite effectively in offices with a smaller patient volume. Besides making the patient check in process more efficient, the other key benefit of using the Check-In Module is that it allows you to directly communicate/advertise with your patients while easily getting/confirming email addresses.

While offices should encourage patients to use the Check-In Module, not all patients should be expected to use it. For patients preferring to not use technology to check in, they can simply speak to the receptionist. Further to this, these patients are more than likely not to be the type of patient that are good candidates for future email correspondence.

One of the key things to keep in mind for patients using the Check-In Module is the ‘wow’ factor of using this technology. It sets the stage for being a high-tech dental office. And that 'wow' factor kicks up a notch when you use it with a sleek touch screen all-in-one type computer. Background images displayed on the Check-In Module can be customized to reflect your unique style.

So, while we we haven't offered a definitive answer on the effectiveness of the Check-In Module for any one particular office, these points should help determine if it's beneficial for your office.


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