Tracker Mobile App?

Years ago, we developed an application that allows our users to synch their Tracker data to their Palm OS devices (which, at the time, was the dominant smartphone). This required costly development and developer time and less than ideal installation and support mechanisms. In addition, the app was limited in what it could do.

Fast forward to today and now there are multiple mobile operating systems. To create an app for each of these would require all the things mentioned above for each OS! In addition, mobile apps can never be the same as the complete program.

However, you can get access to your entire computer from your mobile phone via LogMeIn Ignition ( . Iphone users can also use TeamViewer

With these tools, your schedule, invoices, reports, charts and images are all available in real time.

* At the time this article was published, Logmein supports Android, iPhone and Windows Mobile. Logmein is working on a Blackberry solution.


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