Using Your Computer's Sound

Probably the most neglected component of computers used in dentistry is the sound system. Having visited many offices, I can still only count on one hand how many computers had a working sound system. To be honest, this is hardly suprising. Think about it. Speakers required for sound come with unsightly wires and take up valuable desk space. And what value does sound bring to a dental computer system anyways? It seems too much pain for too little gain. Until now.

My new computer at the office came with a Dell widscreen monitor. This monitor came with a cool gadget, the soundbar (click here to have a look). As you can see, its very clean and sleek and it takes up no additional space by making use of the previously unclaimed and unusable space just below the monitor. You can route the cables together with your monitor's cables very neatly and no desk space is taken up. And it sounds great too. now we have a nice sound solution for our computers. So what? Well, if you are going to implement Optio Patient Education, you are going to need sound. Also, with ChairSide Messenger, each time you get a message it can play a sound, so you will be alerted even if you are not watching the screen. In addition, we are going to deploy some other useful sound features in future versions of the software.


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